Duct Work Modifications

How Efficient Is Your Duct System?

How Efficient Is Your Duct System?

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Is your HVAC system heating your home unevenly? Don't be too quick to blame your AC unit or heater-it could be your duct work. Kyle Wilson Heating & Cooling, LLC can complete duct work modifications to help your system function more efficiently. Kyle will assess the airflow patterns, reroute the ducts and add another air return duct, if needed.

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New HVAC unit? Ask about duct work modifications.

The most common cause of duct work modifications is a duct system that doesn't fit your home's current heating and cooling system. This can happen when an HVAC installation technician installs a new unit but doesn't examine the existing duct work. Other factors include:

  • Damage: Holes, cracks and gaps between joints reduce duct work efficiency.
  • Dust: Air ducts and vents can become filled with dirt and dust.
  • Insulation failure: A poorly insulated air duct leaks air.

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