Unit Efficiency and Maintenance

Regular HVAC Maintenance Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Regular HVAC Maintenance Can Lower Your Utility Bills

Get an HVAC checkup in Sun City West or Glendale, AZ

If your unit isn't operating at peak efficiency, it's costing you money. It's also heading toward a more serious problem, such as a breakdown. Avoid HVAC problems and keep your utility bills low by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance through Kyle Wilson Heating & Cooling, LLC.

We recommend getting an HVAC efficiency checkup every six months, preferably in the spring and fall. Call or text 623-694-3062 to speak to Kyle today about setting up HVAC maintenance services.

What does an HVAC efficiency appointment cover?

Kyle Wilson Heating & Cooling provides maintenance services to clients throughout the Sun City West and Glendale, AZ areas. Our HVAC efficiency checkup includes:

  • Coil cleanings: He'll clean the buildup from your unit's evaporator and condenser coils, allowing them to operate more effectively.
  • Filter replacements: He'll replace old filters to make sure the unit isn't pushing air through a moldy screen.
  • Fan inspection: He'll make sure your fan is clean, undamaged and running smoothly.

Call now to schedule your HVAC efficiency assessment.